Monday, September 3, 2012

Health Complications of Childhood Obesity

Some people are audible learners, some are visual, and some are kinesthetic (learn by doing).  I think the importance of this picture can be understood by all types of learners.  The health complications that are associated with childhood obesity warrant serious concern.  For some, the childhood obesity epidemic hasn't quite sunk in yet, but whether you describe obesity as being a little overweight, chubby, or just big boned, these health risks could be around the corner.  
So if you're an audible learner, read the health complications out loud. For visual learners take a look at the picture and how each complication affects different areas of the body.  And for kinesthetic learners, feel your heart beat as you read the cardiovascular risks, stand up while you read the musculoskeletal complications, and take a deep breath for the pulmonary concerns.
However you need process this image for it to sink in, do it.  I am all about fun and fitness, but I truly believe that education is a big part of reversing the obesity epidemic.  Sure you've read all the health issues related to obesity for adults, but those risks apply to children as well.  Help me raise awareness, educate, and encourage kid's to get active and get healthy!

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