Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Daily Fitness Tip: Oct. 3

Does your home environment promote a healthy lifestyle or encourage sedentary habits?  A study out of the University of Sydney surveyed over 1100 parents with children starting their first year of school regarding their home environment and family's physical activity habits, diet, and screen time.

Overweight and obese children were 1.73 times more likely to exceed the recommended amount of screen time (TV, computer, video games, etc.) and 2.07 times more likely to eat dinner in front of the TV at least three times per week compared to their normal weight counterparts.

Also, overweight or obese girls were more likely to have TV's in their bedrooms and more likely to be rewarded with sweets for good behavior.

I think this study highlights the influence of a healthy (or not so healthy) home environment on the weight status of young children.  I challenge you to assess your family's home environment.  What  changes could you make today to encourage healthy habits in your home?

Like this article?  Here's the reference if you'd like to learn more!
Louise L. Hardy, Lesley King, Debra Hector, Beverley Lloyd. Weight status and weight-related behaviors of children commencing school. Preventive Medicine, Available online 16 September 2012.

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