Saturday, March 30, 2013

Eating on the Go

Eating on the go…

Presented to you by: Megan Tingler, RD, CNSC – Richmond Branch
Home Solutions Infusion Therapy

Think you can’t fit a healthy diet in?

With all of our hectic schedules, it can become difficult to think about a healthy diet.   So, how do you stay on-to-go and still manage to maintain a healthy diet?  Here are a few tips aimed at helping you with that:

Grabbing dinner at the supermarket deli? Select rotisserie chicken, salad-in-a-bag and freshly baked bread. Or, try sliced lean roast beef, onion rolls, potato salad and fresh fruit.

Always eating on the go? Tuck portable, nonperishable foods in your purse, tote, briefcase or backpack for an on-the-run meal. Some suggestions are peanut butter and crackers, granola bars, a piece of fresh fruit, trail mix, single serve packages of whole grain cereal or crackers.

Get sauces, gravies, and dressings on the side.  These tend to be high calorie and having them on the side allows you to control how much you eat.

Think about the rainbow, try to incorporate as many different colors as possible throughout the day.

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