Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Should I Take Probiotics?

Should I Take Probiotics?
Presented to you by: Ellen Sviland, MS, RD, LD – Fairfax Branch
Home Solutions Infusion Therapy

According to the National Center for Complimentary and Alternative medicine, probiotics are “live microorganisms (e.g., bacteria) that are either the same as or similar to microorganisms found naturally in the human body and may be beneficial to health.” They are found in foods such as yogurt and kefir, as well as in the form of dietary supplements (in pills, tablets, creams and suppositories.) Uses for probiotics are primarily gastrointestinal and can range from relief from constipation, gas, bloating and help with diarrhea.

There are varying results with probiotic use: some studies have found relief with probiotic treatment for diarrhea after antibiotic use while others have not shown any benefit. There are few studies showing harm for probiotics and may be harmful for immune-compromised patients. For the general, healthy population, there are no known harmful side effects and may be helpful for GI symptom relief to skin disorders.

Each probiotic will have a different amount of colony forming unit (CFU) to be effective. Dependent upon the strain of bacteria, you might need fewer or more CFU’s of the probiotic so do research on the strain you are using and what it’s for!

For more information, visit the NCCAM website at: http://nccam.nih.gov/health/probiotics/introduction.htm

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