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Water: The Solvent of Life

Water: the Solvent of Life
Presented to you by: Stacie Marone, MPH, RD, LDN – Somers Point Branch
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Water, or H2O, is your body's major chemical component and accounts for over half of your body weight. Water is considered a vital nutrient to the body as it is needed for nearly every system to keep the body moving and healthy.

We lose water in a variety of ways such as breathing, sweating and through waste products.  To keep your body and mind functioning at top performance every person needs to replenish these losses.  If we lose more water than we take in this can lead to dehydration which affects us in different ways.  From feeling tired and sluggish to a headache and dizziness, dehydration can appear in d

How Much Water Do I Need?

The recommended amount of water that is needed for a person’s body to function properly depends on his/her physical activity and climate.  On average, a woman should consume 9 glasses of water (8 oz each) and 12 glasses for men.  For those who are physically active and live in warmer, humid climates water intakes will be higher.  Increased fluid needs are also seen in times of illness, fever and diarrhea.

What If I Can’t Drink That Much Water Throughout The Day?

Nine to twelve glasses of water may seem like a lot to drink every day.  However, there are a variety of foods that can help us reach these recommendations.  Fruits and vegetables have high water content and also include vitamins and minerals that our bodies need.

Fruits and vegetables high in water:

Melons       Tomatoes     Cucumbers       Berries
Oranges     Pineapple     Broccoli            Spinach

Other Benefits of Water.

Consuming adequate amounts of water has also been shown to decrease the risk of various infections and disease by flushing toxins out of the body.  This includes reducing the risk of heart disease by “thinning” the blood and preventing a clot that could lead to a heart attack.

Reaching for a glass of water can also help keep extra pounds off the body.  Sometimes when a person thinks they are hungry they are simply dehydrated and need fluids, not calories.  Staying hydrated also helps the body feel fuller, longer keeping calorie intake under control.

Staying adequately hydrated is something that every person’s body and mind need to keep performing at top level.
ifferent forms.  Severe dehydration can lead to kidney problems, confusion and can even fainting.  Everyone needs to rehydrate during the day and should pay attention to include an appropriate amount of beverages and foods high in water.

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