Thursday, October 11, 2012

Daily Fitness Tip: Oct. 11

Fall weather is officially here - crisp, cool mornings, sunny, soul-warming afternoons and absolutely breath taking sunsets here in Knoxville, TN.  Take advantage of the fall weather before its too late!  Here are three fun outdoor activities for your family to try today or this weekend!

1. Family flag (or touch) football - find a park, or head out in your own backyard.  Have your children play QB, this encourages them to use problem solving skills as well as being physically active!  You'll get your heart pumping too, play for 45 minutes and torch around 350 calories!

My boyfriend and I in the Smokies!

2. Go for a hike - here in east TN, I try to take advantage of having the Smokies so close as much as I can!  No mountains? No excuse!  Most parks have some type of walking trails.  Live in the city?  Go for an urban hike!  Map out different city blocks that you and the kids want to conquer!

Biking across the Golden Gate Bridge

3. Go for a bike ride - get outside and start pedaling for a great family activity.  No bikes? Search online for a bike rental company near you!  (Right. Biking across the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco with friends at the American College of Sports Medicine Conference!)

Let me know if you tried any of these activities!  I'd love to see pictures or stories about your family's activity adventure!

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