Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Daily Fitness Tip: Oct. 10

Today's 5 Super Stretches for Your Family to Try!

1. Alphabet stretch:  Go through the alphabet and stretch your body in the shape of each letter.  Try upper case and lower case, hold each "letter" for 5-10 seconds.
2. Sit & Reach:  Sit on your bottom, legs out straight.  Slowly fold over, lowering your chest toward your legs.  Try to keep your knees straight, hold for 20 seconds then relax and repeat.
3. Downward facing dog:  Start on with the hands and knees on the floor, hands under the shoulders, and knees under the hips, with your back straightened and relaxed. When ready, lift hips toward the ceiling, the body forming an inverted V-shape.  If the hamstrings are very strong or tight, bend your knees to allow the spine to lengthen fully.
4. Quad stretch: Great for developing balance skills and much more!  Stand near a wall or a chair for support. Reach for your ankle and gently pull your heel toward your bottom until you feel a stretch in the front of your thigh. Keep your knees close together. Hold for about 30 seconds, then switch legs and repeat.
5. Head, Shoulders, Knees, & Toes: Use this classic children's song as a morning stretch.  Reach up and over your head, then roll your shoulders, reach for your knees, then your toes.  The kids will enjoy singing along and the whole family can get a good stretch in!

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