Sunday, February 3, 2013

Super Bowl Family Fitness Game

Super Bowl Family Fitness Game

When we think super bowl, many of us imagine tons of food, entertaining commercials, fun half time performances, oh yea, and a little football!  Watching the big game as a family this year?  Here's a fun game that can help you balance all those chips and dip enjoyed during the 1st quarter. Use this game to teach your family that enjoying super bowl snacks is OK, as long as we balance out the extra intake with some physical activity. 

Every time the RAVENS score a field goal: 10 jumping jacks
Every time the 49ers score a field goal: Race in place until the ball is kicked off
When either team scores: Burn off some extra energy with your very own touchdown dance!
When "the previous play is under review": Hold a plank until the issue is resolved!

This can be a fun way to teach kids about football and enjoying (maybe not so healthy) snacks and balancing it out with fun physical activity!

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